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USA Temptation Island Season 4, Promo Package 

We brought the heat for this one, creating a day and night look and making sure that the audience knew that sparks would indeed fly. USA wanted to reintroduce Temptation Island to audiences, particularly with the new season premiering on their network, and looked to us to find a new, sexy visual voice. As is often the case, several excellent pitch options were offered, and one was selected… but that’s when the real work began.

From that point we honed and then diversified the typography so that there were many styles available, in broadcast and three social aspect ratios, so that the promotional team had the most flexibility. The color palette solidified into a dark blue grad with hot pink highlights and the inverse, for maximum intra-editorial diversity. We stoked the flames even more by adding a warmer gradient to the bottom of the frame, really tying the whole scheme together. And though they’re rarely the sexiest pieces of any offering, the style guide and toolkits we put together were as hot as they were comprehensive (very).

Creative Direction: Kyle Miller, Scott Matz

Design: Vincent Diga, Kyle Miller

Animation: Jim Forster, Ken Krueger

Produced at Thornberg & Forester

© 2021 Kyle Miller

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