Creative Director

New York City based multi-discipline hands-on Creative Director with 15+ years of experience, looking to work with teams to build brands. Keen eye for typography, design, and motion to tell your story and make your audience feel.

After spending a planned five years at the University of Cincinnati’s School of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, I took my first job out of school in e-learning, where I learned to design, animate, and code for education and training.

I moved to Brooklyn in the winter of 2005 to get into motion graphics and took a job creating animation for the Blue Man Group’s road show. From there it was 3 years of animation and design for Leroy and Clarkson; essentially my grad school. I learned how to create style frames, build animations within a team setting, deliver animations, create toolkits for clients, and how to be a professional in the industry.

From there I went to Thornberg & Forester, coming in as a freelance Animator / Designer in 2009 and leaving as a Creative Director proficient at pitching creative, designing and directing style and storyboards, leading teams through animation and production, working with clients and collaborating with partners, and delivering impeccable final products in various forms. I’ve worked on films, brand films, show and promo packages, promo campaigns, OOH campaigns, commercials, conference graphics, and a bunch of other stuff.

I got married in Brooklyn, had a child in New Jersey, where I bought a home that’s been filled with kid things and two cats. I love reading my daughter stories, and inventing them for her, for myself, and for audiences. I love good typography (and hate bad typography) to the point where watching TV with me is an adventure. I love creating a good plan, I love to improv when there’s a curve ball, and I particularly love when a good plan makes room for creative collaborators to improv on top of it, birthing something unanticipatedly awesome.

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