Art Direction
Out of Home
Blue on Blue
Spectrum Mobile OOH 

When you spend months in a chair, checking and rechecking two colors of blue to make sure the RGB and CMYK are as tight as possible, you don’t realize that what you’re working on is seen by thousands of people across the nation. Then one day, you’re walking in Williamsburg and boom, there it is, hand painted on a brick wall, surrounded by artisanal chicken and waffle places. Following the successes of our LA Live takeover, Spectrum came back to partner with us on their OOH Mobile campaign. We pitched thirteen distinct looks, playing with depth and color to maximize the impact of the Spectrum brand and messaging; our goal to find one striking design that plays beautifully graphically and paired with lifestyle photography… as simply as possible.

The final result went out nationwide in a million different formats. Standard billboards and bus shelters, three different subway ratios ranging from long to, like, really really long, digital signage around MSG, full building takeovers, standard 2 sheet posters, and some formats that I don’t even think have names. Beyond playing nice graphically or with photography, the messaging varied for every aspect ratio and on top of that had to also work en español. As much as I think the final result is clean and beautiful, its real strength comes from its versatility while always keeping the brand standards and message hierarchy as the highest priorities.

Creative Direction: Scott Matz

Art Direction: Kyle Miller

Design: Theo Daley, Kyle Miller

Produced at Thornberg & Forester

© 2021 Kyle Miller

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