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Spectrum Commercial Campaign 

Sometimes doing less is doing more. Having worked with Spectrum on their OOH Mobile campaign the previous year, as well as projects with the Originals team, the broadcast team, and Spectrum branding proper, they were still kind enough to think of us when an opportunity for a purely graphic commercial campaign came around. Instinctually, after hearing that premise, your brain always wants to go whole-hog, MK12 style kinetic type because it feels like you have to make up for the lack of photographic elements. Well not this time, kids… this time, it was all stripping back the messaging of the commercial to it’s core components: script, and color, and still delivering an emotional response.

Restraint was our watchword. When we animate, make it matter. When we cut, emphasize it. If you’re going to pair messaging with illustration, pull back to the essentials so that copy stays the queen. It was like going back to school in the best way: set hard and fast rules and throw out most of the toolbox, and then find ways to create impact from the few pieces you have available. We were forced to think about tight editorial, getting 6 frames down to 2, working and reworking eases to maximize every move. The campaign looks simple, and it is, and that “less” took a whole lot of “more.”

Creative Direction: Kyle Miller, Scott Matz

Design: Kyle Miller, Alexis Ames, Scott Matz

Animation: Jim Forster, Ken Krueger, Alex Pope, Jinsup Kim

Produced at Thornberg & Forester


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