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SYFY Wire’s The Great Debate Promo / Show Package 

Following an initial logo and brand development phase for the live, touring version of The Great Debate, SYFY Wire came back with an opportunity to partner on spinning out that kernel into a full blown Promo Package and In-Show package. While developing two simultaneous packages can be a handful, it was a fantastic opportunity for a few reasons. First, we were able to strip back the the branding to what works best for broadcast, and expanding from there. Second, with the promotional and show designs being developed under the same roof, they could share DNA so that all visual representation is stemming from the same design and motion perspective. Helpful when you’re establishing a new series!

A show with comedians set on a spaceship doesn’t seem the place to take yourself seriously, so our premise started there. Sizzling colors and laser lights on a living, mutating triangular void, borrowing from science fiction’s rich history of retro-future interface design was our solution. From the beginning we focused on mindfully designing and executing dynamic toolkits… every element had to be fully adaptive and responsive while maintaining the big and bold look. Our strategy was two-fold: don’t box ourselves in by over-designing elements in specific scenarios and secondly, providing multiple copy orientations and color options per element to ensure a robust and diverse toolkit. Hell, even our lens flares behave differently based on the letterforms input into the .ae file. Now that’s cookin’ with space-gas.

Creative Direction: Kyle Miller

Design: Kyle Miller, Jinsup Kim

Animation: Jim Forester, Ken Krueger, Jinsup Kim

Produced at Thornberg & Forester

© 2021 Kyle Miller

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