Creative Direction
Art Direction
Motion Direction
Silo i Ludy
It’s My Life
Winter 2021
Directorial Reel 

A reel 12 years in the making, this montage represents the big-hitting creative, art, and animation direction moments from my career with Thornberg & Forester. I can claim all the work in here to be mine, but none of it would have happened without the brilliant and adaptable minds I worked with over my decade plus. An exhaustive, comprehensive list of the collaborators I worked with is near impossible, but I’ve done my best and included a credits list, by project and timecode, for the artists at the bottom of the page. I just wanted to give a big, COVID compliant, thank you hug to everyone involved here and make sure to claim any editorial oddities as my own so they’re cleared of wrong doing. Enjoy!

© 2021 Kyle Miller

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