Creative Direction
Hero’s Journey
Principles For Success 

We were approached to create a second 30 minute film for Ray Dalio of a vastly different nature than our previous economic film. This time we needed to tell the story of the guiding principles Ray developed and used throughout his life as he strove for personal and professional success. Our partnership with Mark Del Lima and his team from IDEO combined the message from Ray’s book with the hero’s journey into a half hour adventure.

The design and animation style had to be accessible for all ages, simple and engaging. In the previous film we were living largely in a liminal, empty space allowing the concepts to speak for themselves. This time we were putting our protagonist character into rich and varied landscapes as they sought their goal, so the challenge became balancing the detail required to depict dense jungles without overwhelming the message with details. Our character animation needs also expanded, developing rig systems for a protagonist, a crew of talented individuals he meets along the way, as well as the litany of background characters filling the backgrounds. The final result is a film that takes us from the creation of the universe through the achievement of one man’s goals and passing those skills on to the next generation, and to the world at large.

Creative Direction: Kyle Miller

Art Direction: Kyle Miller

Design: Stephanie Davidson, Sam Ballardini, Kyle Miller

Animation: Mike Burgoyne, Ken Krueger, Anne Calandre, Andy Kennedy, Gerald Mark Soto, Travis Benn, Matthew Rankin, Kyle Miller, and many more…

Produced at Thornberg & Forester

© 2021 Kyle Miller

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