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Good Experience Live 2010, Conference Graphics 

Mark Hurst had been putting Good Experience Live (GEL) together since 2003 when he came to us for a treatment for the visual identity of the 2010 iteration. Right away we identified that there was a strong foundation in the hand drawn style of the logo and associated figures, as well as a sense of optimism within a tech world that can feel cold and even hostile. This was one of those lightning-in-a-bottle moments, where the unifying aesthetic emerged almost immediately and, with help from the whole team, cemented into its final form expeditiously. Which was good because there was so much work to do!

The range of speakers and experiences over the two day conference was so diverse and individually distinct that there was no time to intro each on properly. Instead we landed on a wide ranging, rainbow soaked palette to convey the full spectrum of talent on display, supporting a two part series of pithy illustrations to cleverly illuminate each topic and paired with a Pablo Ferro inspired typeface, individually crafted per layout. We animated on 3s and 4s, layering looped animation on top of looped animation to carry what could simply be striking images into a living, breathing, cel animated vistas that inform and delight.

Creative Direction: Justin Meredith

Art Direction: Kyle Miller

Design: Kyle Miller, Guillaume Alix

Animation: Ken Krueger, Joe Russ, Keith Endow, Daniel Savage, Rachel Yonda, Jaehyuck Lee

Produced at Thornberg & Forester


© 2021 Kyle Miller

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