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The Comedy Central Roast of James Franco 

My go to metaphor in describing the design process is drilling for oil. You use process to produce predictable, sustainable results on a day-to-day basis… but sometimes you hit a gusher. I was knee deep in the final stages of another job when the opportunity to pitch on the James Franco Roast rolled up, and honestly I didn’t really have the time to jump in. But there was something about the black tie Roast atmosphere, Comedy Central’s desire to do something classier, and the Rat Pack - Brat Pack evolution of the Franco crew that I couldn’t shake until I made something. Six frames and a treatment later, we get Franco.

After the green light, taking style frames to storyboards, and a few outlines later, the end result is this tri-color, seamless romp through the multi-hyphenated leading man’s career. James Franco’s “do anything and everything” nature inspired everything from the credits roll to his production company’s bumper, and all his real and imagined credit-claiming in between. My favorite aspect of this job was that the title sequence did more than entertain, more than inform… it was an active participant in the roasting. I like to imagine there was some squinting and smirking backstage while this rolled for the live audience.

Creative Direction: Scott Matz

Art Direction: Kyle Miller

Design: Kyle Miller, Kyle Hurley

Animation: Ken Krueger, Gerald Mark Soto, Keith Endow, Dominika Nicman, Kyle Miller

Produced at Thornberg & Forester

© 2021 Kyle Miller

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